Saturday, April 04, 2009

"You're Killing Me Larry!"

Instead of pouring tons and tons of money into pushing ‘Transcendental Meditation’ into schools... Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and David Lynch should donate it to AARP! Or at least pour the millions of dollars into something worthwhile!! How about something real!!! Hey, how about those poor children in Africa? Please!!! ... You have got to be kidding me!!!

Transcendental Meditation? Please!!! ... Stop, just stop!!! ... Kids math scores are down! The average reading ability of many high school seniors is at a 4th grade level. Just try convincing a kid to get to school in the morning! I've seen this crap first hand!!! Transcendental Meditation? How many in secondary or high school can spell Transcendental Meditation??? Most kids have never seen the inside of a library much less know what one is! I'd really like to see a teacher get the kids to sit still even for a moment... and to to accomplish exactly what? Meditate on that you batshit crazy senior citizens!! To be fair, I use the term senior citizens with a great deal of understanding and respect because I'm one too. However I don't consider myself delusional nor would I waste so much money in such a fashion if I was lucky enough to have any bit of control over it!

At one time, I used to admire these artists. I admired them for their contributions to our art and culture. However, after hearing this bit of news, I must say, not only does it piss me off, it saddens me to the bone! In my opinion I think it’s time for all three to retire! I don’t know how George Harrison would feel about it, but somehow I don't think John Lennon would agree.

Lastly, the Beatles back in the time, denounced the Maharshi, Transcendental Meditation and his line of bullshit! They even wrote songs about him that were included on the "White Album" Did something happen to all of us while we were in a coma?

Ok... I've had enough!!!! .... Please guys! ... Retire already!!!

"You’re killing me Larry!!!"