Monday, April 06, 2009

What Every Guy Needs To Know!

DISCLAIMER: The following words and/or phrases are interchangeable and may be replaced within the context of this post: (a) woman may be replaced by man; (b) girl(s) may be replaced by boy(s)/guy(s); (c) she may be replaced by he; (d) her may be replaced by his; (e) women may be replaced by men; (f) the term "deadbeat' is NOT interchangeable and remains the same for both genders.

There are many ways people manipulate each other in this society. You got the sex thing going on... you got the power thing happening... and you got the money thing leading it all. If you happened to be engaged to a woman, live with her or are even dating her, listen up! If your big plans are to live out the rest of your life here on this planet in total bliss, take a big step back for a moment and sober up! The very last thing you want to do is get involved with a "deadbeat" because in doing that, you will by default become one too. You need positive and unconditional assurance that you’re not going to get stuck with someone who doesn’t care about responsibility.

I will tell you from my own life experience, most women who don’t pay their bills also don’t take care of their own responsibilities. Their credit report will give you complete information about how that individual pays her credit obligations. But there’s a great deal of inferential information in that report regarding the lifestyle of that individual. The credit report can and will in most instances reveal character flaws!

I can just see it now! Emails flooding my In-Box! Women screaming “Men are guilty of the exact same thing! Why are you singling out women?” I say “Yes indeed! That’s very true! Men are guilty of the very same thing!” So what! It doesn’t make what I’m saying any less valid! There are of course, as I’ve said a million times and will continue to say, “... exceptions to every rule!” In this case, it doesn't make the rule any less valid! Look at it this way, even a broken clock is right twice a day! Also, you can jump off a seven story building and you might survive, but who would want to try? Get the point?

Women who don’t pay their bills are obviously an extremely poor credit risk but moreover, a poor risk in a relationship! When you think about it, what else does this tell you about them? Many things, and in time they become more and more transparent! For instance, when women are careless about paying their credit obligations, they are usually careless about their consideration for other people. If they were considerate, they'd pay their obligations for the services received. Most women who don’t pay their bills are also careless with other people’s property.

They’re constantly late with their mortgage or rent payments, their electric bill, even their internet service provider. They become neglectful, sloppy, careless, and passive about taking care of other peoples property much less their own! From my experience, they let things go and very seldom clean up or attempt to get things fixed when they're broken. They end up living in a world of filth, all the time using the people around them. Women with bad credit are locked in a constant battle with the banks, utility companies and car dealers with the companies trying to get them to make their payments on time. Sometimes, if a guy is involved with a woman like this, the real battle begins just trying to get rid of them! Women like this are quick learners, very shrewd operators, and they sometimes know how to beat the system. Most of them have a way of hustling guys. I can assure you, again, from my own experience that if you’re involved with a woman who doesn’t pay her bills it’s just a matter of time before they’ll begin the slippery slope of neglecting you!

Once they fall behind on the rent or mortgage, they find all sorts of excuses. The major justification for their credit and finical problems is that those concerns and faults are caused by someone else other than themselves. They weep/complain and cry/rant or insist that “It’s someone elses fault", not theirs, or “The bank made a mistake!” Women who don’t pay and don’t intend to pay their obligations have a list for not paying their bills that could fill a book. Here is where every man should be careful because eventually they might somehow get your sympathy. If you let it get to the point where you start feeling sorry for them, then they’ve gotcha!... you're screwed! 

Another big problem in dealing with a woman like this is you might end up having her move into your place. Believe me, if you want to maintain any degree of sanity in your life, do not do it! It’s amazing to me how many guys get caught up in this bullshit. They’re absolutely convinced that it’s a temporary thing and everything will resolve itself or that they’re going to get paid back. Paid back by a complete deadbeat? For the life of me, I don’t know how in the world they would ever come up with this idea, and I certainly don’t understand it.

As time passes, a guy might suddenly wake up one day and discover he's involved with a deadbeat. It’s like the old saying, once the horse is out of the barn how do you get it back in. He’ll find out that there’s much more damage done then he realized and he's right smack in the middle of it! The thing to think about here is, what in the world would make you think she would pay you back when she doesn’t pay anyone else? If you ever get to this point, you’ve been had! ... Get the fuck out! ... Now!

Lack of respect for others is a deal breaker. This character flaw will eventually ruin a relationship. If they don’t respect others they won’t respect you!