Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snake Oil In A Christian Nation?

Those who know me are aware I'm the creative type. I am a musician and composer but more over, a skeptic! I am a skeptic on paranormal and/or supernatural claims as I do not believe in psychics, ghosts, superstitions, medical quackery, the occult, witchcraft, voodoo, bigfoot, ufos' or any other such fraudulent bullshit! I am not buying snake oil from any snake oil salesman in the near or distant future.

I am also an atheist! I don't believe in gods of any kind and I find religions to be dangerous and potentially dangerous large cults whose main goal is to lure in the gullible, weak minded and vulnerable.The leaders, faith healers, televangelists, are constantly brain washing people with delusions of magic and nonsense in order to control their lives and get at their money! Furthermore, church and state should be completely separate as set down by our Founding Fathers.

The pandering to Christianity (or any religion) because this is "A Christian Nation" is delusional and a manipulative lie! Step back for a moment and review the history of your own country! By the way... take a little time and read the Constitution! ... Hello??