Sunday, April 12, 2009

200 Year Old Insult!

What are insults anyway? In this day and age, we are insulted or we choose to insult, practically every moment of a normal day. In this modern age can we can easily insult somebody by saying "You're an asshole!" or, by screaming out at the top of ones voice, the ever popular "Go fuck yourself!" Who can ever forget the expression, which is a combination of the two, "Fuck you Asshole!" These colorful sayings, used creatively by so many with unmeasurable variation, have become the trademark of our society!

However, 200 years ago, the greatest insult you could hurl at somebody was by saying
"I SAID, GOOD DAY!!!" You would actually wish the person well, except you said it one more time! Think about that... The greatest slap in the face was saying, `Have a Good Day`, one more time a little bit louder!